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The Stage Creater will make Brawl mode (Archived)jowephocks11/30/2008
Inquiring minds want to know! (Archived)CalienteBurito21/30/2008
My first serious topic since the leaks-- why people can't accpet the roster. (Archived)
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Did Sonic get a Shadow costume? (Archived)
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So wait...Only FFA 2 minutes random brawls on wifi? (Archived)Black_Cheese11/30/2008
The Roster - Its only chars from the SSE (Archived)MrDinky61/30/2008
In this topic, we mourn the loss of... *spoilers* (Archived)fe0n1x81/30/2008
35th character revealed? (Archived)
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For those not wanting to spoil anything (Archived)JixHedgehog11/30/2008
Proof that Sakurai might continue Smash Bros (Archived)
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ItS delayed?? In canada? (Archived)
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Why is the Master Hand battle the exact same old? (Archived)iGenesis101/30/2008
Aww! HELL NAW!!! (Archived)
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Has anyone determined if Wolf is a true clone? (Archived)javel3481/30/2008
What if there IS more characters BUT (Archived)
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Someone asked Sakurai about the leak *REACTION PIC* (Archived)Gondoladorf61/30/2008
Final Roster...Debunked? (Spoilers) (Archived)
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I wanna see SSE ending (Archived)SkormVsAvo41/30/2008
Did anyone else notice... (Archived)Solid2TheSnake71/30/2008
I don't think they originally intented to reveal so many characters. (Archived)MalachiX200061/30/2008