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the number 1 epic brawl line (Archived)marioman1191/30/2008
List of Kirbeh Hats (Archived)NeoShader11/30/2008
Rate my ending of the Subspace Emissary (Archived)oskman88861/30/2008
Why did they remove the Red Shell and Cloak items?? (Archived)
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What do you thilnk it's like for Sakurai to go out and buy some milk? (Archived)
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Has everyone forgotten about the stage creator?!?!?! (Archived)Audiosol81/30/2008
So, anyone seen Tink Kirby yet? (Archived)DarkGea71/30/2008
i thought of an idea (Archived)achangehathcome71/30/2008
ATTN: Those who imported Brawl. (Archived)26_Sandman_3991/30/2008
Anyone know GW's FSA, Marth's FSA, and ROB's specials and FSA (Archived)
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Ultimate Somnia141/30/2008
mindless drones... (Archived)redechidna1681/30/2008
Wait! What about Krystal's Voice Actor? (Archived)fe0n1x101/30/2008
whats up with all this landmaster crap? (Archived)
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what was the cheapest move in Melee in your opinion? (Archived)
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What THIS DIDNT HAPPEN? when it showed all characters have been unlocked (Archived)twilightriku161/30/2008
What's the game in the credits? (Archived)joelyp21/30/2008
wolf? lol (Archived)GeoFawkes21/30/2008
Geez, every other video "currently being watched" on Youtube is from Brawl (Archived)LinkIII_IsBack11/30/2008
Who else wants to leave (Archived)fhoplist21/30/2008
So does anybody have a list of all the bosses? (Archived)BattatheBeast2311/30/2008