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Golden Sun is way more deserving of representation than Fire Emblem. (Archived)
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Random Match Modes? (Archived)littlesmitty21/30/2008
Question about the SSE. *SPOILERS* (maybe) (Archived)Loixuj51/30/2008
Sign here if you regret seeing the official roster, where is the suprise at now? (Archived)paperlugi81/30/2008
Scary Toon Link (Archived)Ibelost20371/30/2008
Be honest, who cared about Mewtwo in Melee? (Archived)
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Come on people, the roster is great (Archived)ChronoShot41/30/2008
Rather than TOON LINK it should have been LINKIEPOO (Archived)Ultimate Somnia51/30/2008
Wouldn't there be a possibility of updates having new characters? (Archived)MysTiC_MaguS61/30/2008
Is there a high res, sharp picture of the full roster anywhere? (Archived)Zanmoto21/30/2008
Official JP Launch Day Sales Betting Thread (Archived)iGenesis91/30/2008
Think That The Next Director For SSB Will Be Just As Good As Sakurai? (Archived)RixMaadi71/30/2008
I can't believe Ash does PT's voice (Archived)
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Stage Count? (Archived)Proxicon101/30/2008
Remember how fun it was to unlock somebody unexpected in Melee? (Archived)Spitball Sparky101/30/2008
Lyn and Krystal would have been better over Marth and Wolf. (Archived)
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Landmeister? (Archived)grumble_roar11/30/2008
Is anyone actually going to use Olimar? (Archived)
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Here is the complete roster (Archived)LilLink91/30/2008
SSBB slow? (Archived)GGearX81/30/2008