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WOOOT FINALLY (this made me happy) (Archived)refuel45671/30/2008
What about the clones.... (Archived)NGamer3k11/30/2008
So how 'bout that Ganondorf? (Archived)
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guys guys guys... (Archived)indraid51/30/2008
Raid This Chatroom PRZ? (Archived)AtmaWeaponX11/30/2008
So what happened to having another third party? (Archived)
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The happy for "Toon Link" Topic (Archived)paperlugi91/30/2008
Sign here if you DO like how the game is panning out. (Archived)
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Where's Goemon? (Archived)
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Bomberman screenshot! O_o (Archived)Jonahzg71/30/2008
This has to be against EVERYTHING I'm believing in...but. SSE+END SPOILERS (Archived)TheLegendofDev81/30/2008
Why are so many people upset about the official roster? (Archived)
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Lots of Spoilers.... (Archived)SlayerX10111/30/2008
Are special attacks more useful in Brawl? (Archived)Kame81/30/2008
and the worst part is that this is the LAST smash bros game (Archived)
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So wait pokemon can be played as there own character? I thought PT had to summon (Archived)Xegony8881/30/2008
I don't know if i'd ever want to meet any of you in real life. (Archived)mikeyelvis9281/30/2008
Are there any gameplay vids on Robot(ROB)? (Archived)frikensmurf21/30/2008
Starfox junkie needed. Wolf doesn't drive an Arwing. What is his fighter called? (Archived)
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At least we didn't get PARCHRISU! (Archived)clutzyaj31/30/2008