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Online Play Shuts Down May 20, 2014 @ 7AM Pacific! Find last min matches here! (Archived)
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green1547235/20 7:33AM
can you still play this online on the Wii U? (Archived)Thanos_Galactus35/19 9:59PM
To all who I've brawled (Archived)messhia_dark65/19 8:20PM
Wi-Fi dedicated servers are confirmed. Reg your FC before May 18. (Archived)pidgezero_one45/19 7:26PM
I just realized PAUNCH Day will be dead forever. (Archived)Xerxoxical35/19 5:27AM
Pikachu is the best. Really. (Archived)RedZaraki75/18 10:06AM
Project M? (Archived)X_Da_Beast_X25/16 6:37PM
Ultimate Super Smash Bros Riddles Episode 111 - The Stand-In (Archived)
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the_key_24115/15 11:53AM
It begins again (Archived)bnui_ransder55/12 11:47PM
Ultimate SSBB riddles Level 110: If you insist (Archived)
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bacarty20005005/12 6:44PM
Finishing opponents with Pit? (Archived)eyenoawl25/12 1:45PM
can you play strictly on flat stages that don't change elevation...... (Archived)
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danusty145/11 11:22PM
Brawl looks nice on my Wii U (Archived)Grizzmeister55/11 10:58AM
If you guys hit once but miss do you finish the combo? (Archived)RetroGamerGuy25/11 7:24AM
Is there any reason to use Sonic's Side B over his Down B on the stage? (Archived)xrayscope25/10 11:54AM
I wanna access my brawl pics on my computer, but... (Archived)Mikokiri15/10 3:58AM
Outside of the F rank the tier list accuracy goes to hell (Archived)crimzonwarrior35/9 9:35PM
What can I do with 55 Boo stickers? (Archived)BalloonBattle0535/8 1:35PM
Where are the pre-release topics? (Archived)barrabaCHHS25/7 4:59AM
I heard a rumor... (Archived)serge263415/6 10:31AM