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7 years ago#1
SPOILERS are very possible in a topic like this....

I wanna bring up a twitchy little point that makes my nose itch.

There are some who agree with a theory about Hero's Shade (he's the guy who teaches Link how to do the sword maneouvers in TP) possibly having been the Link from the game OoT. I don't argue with the point that Hero's Shade could indeed have once been the Link from OoT, now dead, returned as a ghost and teaching the new Hero how to fight. I won't argue that maybe he is NOT OoT link either. Either hypothesis could be proven with one or two bits of data and either could become a fact.

But there are people who seem to think that the link from OoT turned into a Stalfos. I don't agree with that. Actually I don't like that idea at all. The logic doesn't work. I get a funny feeling in the back of my skull when something isn't quite right. And I got this funny feeling that he just couldn't be a Stalfos. Yeah, obviously he IS a dead/skeletal corpse, but that only proves he's dead, doesn't mean he's a Stalfos.

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I think Link dropped something on the way over to TP.
7 years ago#2
Ok here's my take as to Link beign a Stalfos. Last we saw OoT Link, he was riding epona (O.O) through the lost woods trying to find Navi. Now according to the Kokiri whoever get's lost in the Lost woods will eventually turn into a stall-something (depends on the age). So there are 2 things that could've happened.
1.- He did get lost and failed at finding Navi.
2.- He understood that his skills might be needed again so he "preserved his skill by turning into a stalfos.

Yet I have as much evidence proving the above as you do disproving it. It's all speculation.
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7 years ago#3
Even if it was Ocarina Link (something I doubt) what makes him special? What makes him different from other Stalfos? How come he seems to have full awareness of who he is, and generally tries to fight for good (by aiding the new hero), while other Stalfos just run around trying to kill whoever they see? And really, just nothing else seems to fit for the Shade to = Ocarina Link.

-His clothing and armor doesn't look Hylian in nature at all, and looks nothing like Link woild wear.
-He's huge. Very tall, and was probably very broad during life. Link is usually very small, short, thin, and such. Ocarina Link was no exception.
-The Shade talks about how he failed to live up to his title as Hero. Last I checked Ocarina Link succeded... twice.

The only two pieces of evidence that might show the Shade = Ocarina Link is the "out bloodline" line and the fact his sword appears very similar to the Master Sword (even down to minor details, such as a Triforce marking). However the sword is much too large to have been the Master Sword or even a replica of it, and given they throw the Triforce on EVERYTHING, well it isn't all that odd. As for the "our bloodline" thing, I always took it as him meaning the Line of Heroes, which may or may not be the line of one "family."

I'm guessing that there is some relation to the Shade and to Link, the similarites there are a little too much to deny. But do I think Nintendo outright intended for the Shade to be Ocarina Link? No. In fact I think it's supposed to be something much more abstract than that, but this isn't the point of the topic.
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7 years ago#4
Bear in mind that we don't know how old OoT/MM Link was when he finally died. He may well have travelled far and gained a bigger physique by adventuring. He could also have forged his own sword and armor. The shade was obviously an expert swordsman and experienced in battle, something that comes with age.

I agree that he was referring to the line of Chosen Heroes rather than familial bloodline. He states that he never had the chance to pass on his skills, indicating that he did not have any children to teach.

I don't think he's a Stalfos, just a spirit unable to rest due to his regrets (he states himself that teaching TP Link eases his sorrows).

7 years ago#5
@Taker: your post does make sense but just a little question: When does the shade say he phailed?
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7 years ago#6

I thought that maybe he was the Link from OoT also. and there are plenty of vague enough explinations. When he said he failed, he very well could have meant that since evil came back, he failed. Ganondorf obviously wasn't defeated, and maybe the fact that he was the hero of time enabled him to be a little more humane as a stalfos. I personally dont believe that he turned into a stalfos. It just blows that there isn't enough stuff to narrow it down, there are too many vague possibilities. that what happens with stuff like this..

7 years ago#7
If it's OoT Link, he never failed... the sages did and even then they sealed G-dorf...and I'm guessing that was looooooooong before TP's plot since the Zant insurrection is pretty much immidiately before the TP events unfold.
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7 years ago#8
After a time to sleep and think on this buggy issue, and seeing other people's points, I came up with a thought...ummm...okay...

This Hero's shade having once been OoT link and now turned into a stalfos? Here's why I don't agree with that...

If Here's shade was in fact a chosen hero at any point in his life, (not necessarily OoT Link) this means he had the tri-force of courage, then, right? In any version of the Zelda story, Link has always been a character with abilities beyond those of an ordinary Hyrulian (or we're supposed to think that) Here's a boy/teen, who, without any formal training, manages to pick up and use weapons he's never seen before and use them expertly. He also investigates mysteries, and then locates hidden dungeouns, then he alone goes into these huge dungeouns, solves the puzzles and fights off monsters the likes of which would cause many to simply have a heart attack and die immediatly. Here's someone who seems to usually find the ability (either magical or otherwise) to transport himself from place to place by means of warping.

And how does someone turn into a Stalfos? By being ...'lost' in the woods?

Somehow I really do not think that Link, with all his intelligence, and abilities would get lost in the woods. Besides, he heard so many people say what happens to those who get lost, so I think if he did get lost, he would know that, and take the necessary action by using his ability to warp out of trouble. So, I don't think he ever turned into a Stalfos. I think Hero's Shade, if he was OoT link, grew up, did not turn into a Stalfos, lived long enough to grow to full adulthood, at some point, he lost an eye while he lived, (that's a whole other point of theory) and then died, probably in battle.
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I think Link dropped something on the way over to TP.
7 years ago#9
^This is the point I was going to make. The legendary Hero who saves the world over and over, with nothing but courage and goodness in his heart, is not about to be turned into a ****ing Stalfos. There is a lot of destiny involved in the Zelda world, and Link's destiny CANNOT be that.

About Navi, he sure as hell didn't find her. He looked in the Lost Woods while she went up to the proper temple area of the Temple of Time, which we didn't know existed up there until TP. She probably hung out up there for a while. So maybe Link DID get lost; but being the chosen hero and having the Triforce of courage, something tells me he was immune to the effects of turning into a skull kid/Stalfos.
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7 years ago#10
:) ^ good point that he could be immune because of the tri-force of courage...

but even if he's not immune, I think he's just too smart to let himself get into a predicament where he would risk becoming a stalfos. For him to take a risk like that, wouldn't be something that he'd do without a 'very' good reason.
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I think Link dropped something on the way over to TP.
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