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7 years ago#1
I decided to post this message on this zelda board instead of any other because i thought it would be seen by more people here. This topic is for us fans to debate about the different symbols that have appeared troughout the zelda series.

First we have many freemasons symbols; we have the triforce, representing the pyramid and the ultimate power, whoever controls it, rules the world. Then we have many enemies like gohma and bongo bongo that have only one eye, representing the all seeing eye.

Then we have some muslims themes, we have the character sheik which means leader of the tribe in ancient before islamic times or muslim authority in recent times, there is also the banned version of the fire temple in which you can hear people praying to allah, here is the link for you to hear it : Also, the mirror shield and some blocks in the ocarina of time also have islamic symbols:

Lastly, and the most shocking symbol i have ever seen in the zelda series, is the nazi swastika you can see in one of the dungeon maps which appear on the nes zelda.

All of this is in contradiction with nintendo´s strong removal of satanic/religious themes in their games, why would they allow this messages to be within their games, what do you think?
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7 years ago#2
More masonic symbols:

*Lens of truth:

*Mask of truth:

The oot islamic block

the original islamic symbol
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7 years ago#3
Haha, awesome. I knew I recognized that design from somewhere.

Are you quite sure it was a swastika, and not a manji? Two pretty similar symbols that carry completely different meanings and histories?
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7 years ago#4
You are so right, you just helped me realize its not a swastika but a manji, the difference radicates in that basically a swastika is a manji seen on a different angle.

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7 years ago#5
Another pic

Notice how she has an eye in her clothes, a masonic symbol also known s the all seeing eye,
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7 years ago#6
:x Even that given, I wouldn't say one-eyed monsters are necessarily a nudge to the Freemasons. What about cyclopes, a much older idea?
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7 years ago#7
By your logic everything with eyes or a triangle is a masonic reference.
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7 years ago#8
Kay, here's a quick sidenote.

The History of the Nazi Swastika:

Originally, the RIGHT-FACING swastika was an ancient hindu/aryan symbol for LIFE.
The Nazis just took this symbol, inverted it to be LEFT-FACING, and made it a symbol for DEATH.

Your picture of a swastika says "inverted" in the url, and is right facing, so it's the original symbol for life.

When Europeans started banning the swastika symbol after WWII, many Hindus protested because of its original connotaion.
7 years ago#9
^This. BTW, NIntendo hasn't been actively removing religious symbols for some time now, except where they actually did offend someone (Fire Temple chanting). The more recent Final Fantasy re-releases, to name a well-known example, are pretty much intact (no more "White"/"Pearl" nonsense).
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7 years ago#10
Another thing is in LoZ and AoL Link's Shields have a cross on them and the name of the Book of Magic that's in LoZ in Japanese is Bible and it also has a cross on it.
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