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4 years ago#1
This is a good game, not my favorite Zelda, and there are some horribly annoying things that make this game rank under the others in my book. Throw on your own

5) Tears of Light crap
4) Stopping the game and getting an explanation for every non-green rubee. YES, A BLUE IS WORTH 5, I GET IT.
3) Being a wolf
2) Basically everything pre-Forest Temple. The monkeys, the goats, the slowest start to a game ever.

1) The stupid statue puzzle in the forest
4 years ago#2
5. too many Poe souls to collect (but they were optional so I can live with it)
4. twilight palace & hyrule castle were too 'short'
3. game was in super easy mode (combat-wise and dungeon complexity)
2. no 2nd quest or hard mode
1. not enough Darknuts (I want more Darknuts dammit!)
4 years ago#3
1- Wii-moting
2- size of the overworld
3- complexity of the overworld. why is it so hard to get anywhere.
4- terribly executed plot points (ok, so the game will not advance unless i climb up the 4-fence, get knocked off by a ruck dude, leave the zone, and talk to bob marley? are you kidding me?)
5- and, coincidentally enoguh scouring giant areas looking for the next plot point

usually, i give myself one playthrough with no faqs and just have at it. Tried it with this game, threw that idea out the window just about the time i needed to thaw the frozen lake.
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4 years ago#4
5, 4, 3, 2 AND 1 - The entire beginning of the game!
I've played the beginning twice (once a few years ago at a friend's, I got to where you just become the wolf for the first time), and now again that I bought a Wii off a co-worker and bought this game, and I've just made it to that part again.
First off, you READ this intro/prologue in the booklet, but then you have to PLAY it as well?!?!?? What?!
Second, it's all VERY annoying and stupid fetch quest stuff with some dumb kids, and getting a cat back to a shop to get something there, etc etc. Ugh.
And then you FINALLY get to the attack and turning into the wolf, which is where the gameplay part of the game SHOULD have started. You still want to show that stuff even if you read the prologue in the book, fine, make it all cutscenes, but I've been playing Zelda games since the first one when I was a little kid back on the NES. DON'T GIVE ME MORE TWO HOUR INTRODUCTIONS! Keep is short and simple, maybe, MAYBE explain the controls quickly to me in game, other than that, LET ME PLAY the real game, I'm SURE I'll figure it out.
Oh my god. I just had to get that out. This is the WORST intro to a game I think I've EVERY played.
I'm hoping it gets a LOT better now that I'm through it, again, and that it being a Zelda game, and hopefully a good one, will make up for it's horrible start.
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4 years ago#5
Oh, and not only do you have to herd those stupid goats, you have to do it TWICE. Ugh.
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4 years ago#6
4.wolf could'v been better
3.tear of cr@p
2.need MOAR sidequests
1.items need to be used more often
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4 years ago#7

1. The overworld is empty and barren. I love large world maps, but they need plenty of hidden areas and side quests.

2. The purple barriers/tear gathering in the beginning.

3. Dull character models. A lot of them looked like puppets.

4. Some areas were unlocked by event scenes rather than items.

5. The music was forgettable compared to that from earlier entries.


On the plus side, the game has some cool dungeons and turning into a wolf can be fun once you're not forced to remain in that form. It's not the best Zelda and not the worst; still better than Skyward Sword, imo.


4 years ago#8
Takes to long to get anywhere.
Too much back and forth considering the time it takes to get anywhere.
Can't transform even though no one is around to see me.

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4 years ago#9
Where do I start...

1. Tear collecting as the wolf
2-4. Before going to the sky temple you have to
Go to the bar, bar lady tells you to go to kakariko
Go to Kakariko and talk to people they tell you to go BACK to the bar
Go to the bar, Bar lady tells you to give some letter to the doctor... who you've met....once? I thought it was the shaman who healed the Zoran prince...nope wrong... find the doctors house tells you he lost the statue
Find the cat
go outside kill some dogs
Go BACK to kakariko village with the statue
Get the horse whistle...for real? 2 dugeons before the end of the game?
Go to the hidden village and do the BEST part in the game
Go BACK to Kakariko AGAIN
Go BACK to hidden village get the rod powered back
Go all around the world finding those statues... not so bad
Go BACK to kakariko village get cannon

Also midna has no problem teleporting you into kakariko village in front of people but not letting you transform into a human until you are hidden??

For real!??!?!

5. The beginning of the game. I found it never picked up until I got the master sword.

Don;t get me wrong though I loved the last half except said part :P.
4 years ago#10
Interesting topic!

5. Interaction with many of the non-major characters was boring.
4. ...but it can't fit in your wallet now, so let's put it back.
3. Lack of innovation...Nintendo played it so safe with the game design.
2. Wolf.
1. The game has to end!
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