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User Info: weride2die

2 years ago#131
Wow you know a game is dead when there is a sticky topic that hasn't been posted on in 3 years and yes this game had a sad fate indeed. Loved this game but only because I spent $7 on it. I would hate it if I had spent $60 on release. Just like spending $50 on Risen. I would have regretted it.
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User Info: Skull06

9 months ago#132
I posted in this topic 7 years ago. Holy moly.
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User Info: tisuko

9 months ago#133
Been a long time for me also. Was surprised to see this topic pop up on my notifications.
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User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

9 months ago#134
I too was surprised. Long long time ago. Unfortunately I enjoyed the demo far more than the game itself!
Deo evicto eum occidam ut se quendam deum fiam.
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