How Do You Repair Armor?

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8 years ago#1
Please I've looked everywhere. I've been playing coop and I found where to repair your weapons but I can't for the life of me find where to repair the armor....if you can. Any help would be appreciated.
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
Weapons Workshop.
8 years ago#4
I went in there and went to the back left bench and clicked on it. The only thing it gave me the option to repair was my weapons. When I put it on my armor it didn't have the repair icon for the X button or any other button.
8 years ago#5
At each place you buy weapons or armor it shows you your gear first. If you look at your armor be for going to buy you will see that it shows a repair price. Simply press X on the gear you want repaired and done.

Simple really but just saying it anyway. You can only repair armor at the armor place and weapons at the weapon place.
8 years ago#6
Go to the other shop across the hall where you enhance your armor.The glowing needle sign.Go there access the armor menu and start pressing x.Reapairs are expensive for some armor so make sure you got money.
8 years ago#7
Sorry for double post but you said that it dosnt show the X button. Are you sure its not new gear that you just put on and dont need to repair?
8 years ago#8
I'll look again I swore I looked everywhere maybe I missed it but thanks for the replies.
8 years ago#9
Does it matter I'm doing it in coop or does it have to be done in the single player?
8 years ago#10
That I dont know, sorry
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