Poll: Human path or cybernetic path?

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8 years ago#1
<.< I am still thinking...
>.>being human is cool and all... I guess... combos are always a plus....
<.< but more health and more damage are also good....

arg I can't pick...
<.< witch makes it less of a struggle thought the levels?
<.< not that they are hard so far, but you know what I mean.
8 years ago#2
"When you run there's a chance you'll fall and trip." - Kratos_Aurion75
8 years ago#3
robots get better hp and dmg while humesn can use better gear and do more combos.
8 years ago#4
8 years ago#5
thanks... I do know what each path gives you....
<.< I just can't pick xppp
I am leaning more towards human path

so we have this so far

Cyber path | Human path
1..................| 1
8 years ago#6
I picked cybernetic. The choice doesn't have any direct impact on the story, does it?
"Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask you is a trick. You will find no truth in me." -Vergere
8 years ago#7
well it might give you a diffrent ending to the game... but I am just guessing there.
As far as I know it gives you diffrent skill paths. and it also gives you diffrent pick ups.

Cyber path | Human path
2..................| 1
8 years ago#8

d('.")b =_=;;;

zomg fun :PPPPP
8 years ago#9
I picked the Human path for my Berserker for the extra speed and combo level.
8 years ago#10
I have a berserker and I went human!
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