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INTRODUCTION: Please request a sticky for this. This should help a lot of people.
A lot of people have been confused as to what certain rune effects do. Whether they are in a rune or in a weapon or item people just don't understand what they do. The reason for that is that some of the effects’ names are words that really don't tell you what that effect does. One example would be the effect MetalStorm which upon reading, one could conclude that a storm of metal is rained down upon your enemies but that in fact is not the case. Others are just things that some of us just don't know the definition of such as annulment. This guide was created in the hopes of making an accessible list of definitions of those hard to understand effects. These are usually seen in items but sometimes as a rune to put in weapons or armor. I hope this is helpful because I know a lot of people need a guide like this.

Now, on with the guide! I will try to make this as simple as possible so I will just list the name of the effect and what that effect really does. If you want to jump straight to a specific effect press Ctrl+F and type in the name of the effect. Some of this was discovered on my own and some credit goes to Rajaal on the gamespot forums for some of the effects that I didn't already know.

Ablative Shield: Chance of absorbing a percentage of incoming damage.

Annulment: chance of putting a target to sleep.

Blight: chance of emitting a damaging radiation cluster that is capable of spreading to other targets.

Defenseless: Chance of nullifying the targets resistances.

Enfeebled: Enemies do half damage.

Enthalpy: chance of freezing target.

Exposed: chance of rendering a target vulnerable to ballistic (gun) damage.

Gravitation Pulse: chance of creating a temporary gravity field which pulls targets into it, killing them instantly. (I love this)

Impact: chance of knocking a target down.

Leech: reduces enemy health over time giving the health taken to you.

Lighting Induction: chance of covering target in a lightning field causing damage over time.

Metalstorm: Chance of a shot ricocheting off of a target to nearby enemies. Lasers penetrate instead of ricocheting.

Mobility Disruption: Chance of rooting target in place.

Necrotized: chance of creating a toxin pool which damages enemies that touch it.

Pierce: increased pierce damage. (I don't think I needed to state this one.)

Pulse Munitions: chance of triggering an EMP, disrupting electronic systems. (I think it stops enemies from moving or attacking).

Rot: chance of poisoning target.

Rupture: chance of causing a small explosion which does light damage.

Slowed: chance of decreasing targets ballistic rate of fire.

Snared: chance of slowing targets movements.

Softened: critical strikes do 2x damage.

Target Acquisition Scrambler: chance of causing the target to attack your enemies.

Thermal Induction Pulse: chance of setting the target on fire.

Hybrid: plasma (this isn't an effect but I added it because I know some people don't know what it is, I'm just that helpful ^u^)

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The End! Again a lot of credit goes to Rajaal on the gamespot forums. He posted a topic a lot like this one and I referred to it for a few of the things. Our guides look a lot alike because his are in alphabetical order and so are mine plus I used the games definitions from the game a lot which can be found on some runes/charms which I assume he did too. I hope this helps. Please request a sticky for this and feel free to post now.
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This is really helpful =D I learned something new.

Do you think we should add the obvious ones as well? For the sake of completing every effects in the game :p

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I don't really think it's needed because the point of this guide is to help people understand the effects that don't directly state what they do. There is no reason to put the one's on here that flat out say what they do but if anyone has any questions related to something like this, please let me know and i will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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I'll add this:

Hybrid Radius - Increases the radius of plasma weapons' splash damage.

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This is really helpful, thanks!
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Thanks for the guide, it was very helpful.

btw: This is my first time voting for a sticky! :)



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bump, please try to get this stickied guys. In the mean time it would be nice if you guys could help me keep this bumped. I'd appreciate it.
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Sticky requested.

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thanks Xeno!
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