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8 years ago#51
lol Rajaal, I didn't know where you got it but i used it as a reference for a few of the effects so i figured i needed to give you credit.
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8 years ago#52
this is helpfull. thanks.:D
8 years ago#53
What about Mastery Trys Best Work+1?
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8 years ago#54
it adds +1 to the skill Tyr's best work, which is a skill defenders have. Any mastery +1 will add 1 to a skill.
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8 years ago#55
Lol np bud, yeah i stated it in one where i got it; lol. Mine was a bti sloppy but it told it all easily.
8 years ago#56
aid needed. . . . 'Feeder of Ravens +1' has what effect exactly?
8 years ago#57
Adds 1 skill point to the skill Feeder of Ravens.

All names like that +1 means it adds to a skill.
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8 years ago#58
thanks Xeno, you've been really helpful. You requested a sticky which i appreciate greatly and you are answering some questions people have so i don't have to and they still get a good answer. Although that last guy's question that you answered i had answered before he even asked it basically so idk why he asked that but still you were on top of it so i just wanted to say thanks for your support.
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8 years ago#59
Useful.... very useful... Honestly had no idea what "exposed" was or I would've kept it around more like I did those similar charms as Commando! :P Xeno, any chance you happen to know abit about the way charm quests work?

I do have a somewhat odd/possibly-very-noobish question about them... Has it been confirmed that the runes you stick in charms to do charm quests count as equipped to you when the charm is equipped? (IE do they still help you? Or do they only help you by activating the charm?)

Similarly, do charms equipped onto other-higher-tier charms still count as equipped when said higher-tier charms are equipped?
8 years ago#60
To answer your question even though it wasn't addressed to me. Any rune that you put into a charm is like throwing it away, whatever the rune was meant to do it won't have any effect on you once it's put into a charm, it just helps you to use the charms abilities and that's its. The same goes for charms into other charms. Once put into a charm the effect of the old charm is no longer active even if the new charm is equipped.
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