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Healing effectiveness = ?? (how much health you get from orbs?)
Bio-Engineered Regeneration = ?? (health regen?? for any class??)
Soothing = ??(opposite of aggression?)

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Soothing is opposite of Aggression, yes. Believe that was answered before.

Healing Effectiveness is a bonus to healing effects (I believe both Health Orb items as well as Bio Battle Cries).

Bio-Engineer Regeneration only applies to the Bio-Engineer's base skill that has a constant heal-over-time going on, as far as I know.
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I've got a question about the Charm Cards, and stacking runes on them.

If you equip a charm with runes, and then equip that charm as a rune itself to another charm will the new charm(once the quest has been completed on the charm) give you all the benefits of the equipped charm card(say it was rooting, and you equip it with full runes to a charm that grants toxic shots), and the runes attached to that card?

Charm(Completed), Full Runes Equipped > Equip the first charm, to a second charm that allows that rune symbol > End charm ends up with massive stacked bonuses?
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This was answered already. Once put into a charm the effect of the old charm is no longer active even if the new charm is equipped.
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This may be mentioned at one point in the guide, but I believe it is worth stating a couple things.
1. Battle Cry Damage runes only affect Battle Cries that increase damage, for example a right path commando.
2. There is a total armor capped for all characters at 1529, so every point of armor after this is useless. Use the equation (1529/Base Armor -1)*100.

If you need more explanation, go to and PM me there, my name is also zeecorner. I am not on this account a lot, and even if you cannot reach me there you will be able to find someone that can help.
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Gamespot won't let you edit? Lame

I posted a guide for the Total Armor cap here:

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So, maybe I missed it somewhere, but of all runes I don't properly understand the benefit or use for, is Dexterity and Strength bonuses. What are these for?
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