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5 years ago#1
ok for everyone still havin questions heres some more info for yu :D

epic armor sets: they are available i believe at the lowest of level 30. each set has a set for cybernetic and human. there are pretty much 3 ways to get this armor...easiest = buy it from another player
the other ways for the less inclined to spending money is. co-op with a friend or yurself at 3-4 where the spider is directly behind the door. there is a small box on the floor do NOT step over that box or the rooms enemies will start to shoot at yu, this is best done with a commando class or a long ranged gun. have the main player, or the one who will be able to kill the boss quickly/easily stp on the box, but not past it. he/she should be able to shoot/damage the spider boss from there, once the boss is dead KEEP ONE PLAYER OUTSIDE OF THE DOOR~! the other player runs into the room clearing it out to get all the drops. after that the player still outside of the door runs back down the ramp towards the well, this will force spawn the other player back outside the door and will reset the monsters inside the room, repeate this process as needed/wanted.
another way for farming is in that same area, after killing this spider and monsters inside that room do not spawn out, instead take a converyor belt ride and kill all the shamans along the way, this will also produce red drops OCCAISIONALLY. both these methods DO work but they take TIME. be patient!!!!

as for epic weapons:

all epic weapons are EASILY found in the weapons store, simply start the game go to the store and check them (recomended for lvl 50 players online) if they dont have they weapon yu are looking for all yu have to do is exit the game and host another :) repeate this process until completely satisfied :D

aesir and other non-epic "epic" armor sets can be found using the same method as the weapons only in the armor shop.

epic runes are some of the hardest to find "in my opinion" but can be found the same ways as yur epic armor sets, sider farmin/conveyor farming.

if any one has anymore questions post here and i will reply as soon as i can :)
5 years ago#2
Level 30 red suits are not the elite sets. They built some random red suits around level 30. Technically, given that they can only be found at that level, they are among the rarest of all suits, but they aren't anything great.
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5 years ago#3
thanks for the post. but, they are still considered "epic" sets, thought they are not the lvl 50 sets, they are the same armor. jus wit less stats and not as good :) but atleast someone replied :D
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