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4 years ago#1

I was just curious to see who had what and maybe get to see what it looks like. my Goal is to get all of them for each class but its being long and slow and there isnt really any good pics of any online, and half the time I see them, they changed the color, So who had the real stuff lol.

if you really want to trade.... I have aseir armor that I don't have a problem with trading
4 years ago#2
I have the Human and Cyber Commando armor. I'll try and post some photobucket links this evening.

Took the pics with a cell phone but the quality is decent.
4 years ago#3

Human Commando

Cyber Commando
4 years ago#4
thanks, I seen the cyber commando before but not the human.... Ill try to get some pics of the ones I got
4 years ago#5
Human commando looks so stupid. Bummer, because it was the first set I got completely on my own.
Tell them to send the next most dangerous.
4 years ago#6
Indeed, however there is a lot of detail. If the helmet were different, i'd like it much better...

Although there arent many helmets in the game that look any good. The sets are usually the exception but not in the humando's case.

As for other sets, i'm working on cyber champ, defender, bio and zerker and will probably have them in that order. Chyber champ in a week or two *fingers crossed*. Commando is my only human character ATM.
4 years ago#7
ya I have seen some pics online but seeing in the game sometimes looks differant

Spoilers.....if you dont to know right now dont read the following paragragh

IMO cyber-bio looks really good, kinda looks like a snake or serpent theme to it. The human-defender looks like a dragon theme(ill try to get some pics, but I seen some on youtube too) human-champ only half disappointed about this one, its the same thing hes wearing in the opening of the game but, that sword I dont think is anywhere in the game
and i agree the cyber-commado is missing something, since technically its "wolf" class I would hope it looked like the "advanced" guards during the loki escape
I am going to try to put of list of what the "end" weapons are for the epics, if i can find it again....example
human-zerker is dual staves, cyber-zerker is dual swords
human-defender is dual hammer shield, cyber-defender is 2-handed sword

end spoilers ;)
4 years ago#8
Cyber Zerker and Defender both have awesome helmets, but I also like the Myomer and "Judge Dredd" looking ones.
Tell them to send the next most dangerous.
4 years ago#9
ya I like the myomer ones too but I just saw the human commando..... looks like megaman lol

oh and has anyone seen the preorder armors?
4 years ago#10
Sam Fisher IS Megaman!
Tell them to send the next most dangerous.
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