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4 years ago#11
dknight1976 posted...
ya I like the myomer ones too but I just saw the human commando..... looks like megaman lol

oh and has anyone seen the preorder armors?

Yeah i have the preorder armor. They aren't anything terribly special. They are baisically mix n matched blues and purples that are outgrown by the time you get to the ice forest.

I don't have any open character slots or i'd snap some pics for posterity... actually i'm not sure if the preorder code is one-time or if it can be used again. Ill post it when i get off work
4 years ago#12
I have the pre order ones I was just courious who else did.... I was wondering if there tradeable? or is it a download thing only?
4 years ago#13
I've never tried to trade them. Most people will be happy with the "Dragon" armor they get in HoH instead.
Tell them to send the next most dangerous.
4 years ago#14
Here's the code for the preorder armors if anyone is curious:


Again, it might work, might not.
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