relinquished deck

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User Info: mighty_judah

5 years ago#1
normal monster:
3x luster dragon
3x archfiend soldier
3x insect knight
3x mad dog of darkness
3x vorse raider

effect monster:
3x senju of thousand hands
3x manju of ten thousand hands
3x sonic bird

ritual monster:
3x relinquished

3x black illusion ritual
1x snatch steal

3x negate attack
3x magic jammer
3x seven tools of bandit

User Info: Tijuu

5 years ago#2
Me gusta
"You aren't soldiers, you're assassins in polo shirts!"

User Info: Capitan_Pirata

5 years ago#3
3 senju + 3 manju + 3 sonic bird = Overkill
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