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3 years ago#1
Yo,i have been blazing through the game from the start,moving to the Ra dorm on the first exam and getting up in ranks as fast as possible,getting Prince of Games on the first year and i believe that because of this,some events are now inaccessible.

The events that didn't occur to me are:
Event 6: Pride of the Elite (perhaps this can't occur if event 7 happens before this one)

Event 14: A Shadow Game?(I only got one of the three fights in the beginning,in the volcano)

All the events with Gerard(he didn't appear once)
Event 15: Suspicious Classmate
Event 31: The Truth Behind Kunisaki (Gerard)

And I have 100% complete rate & Exam Qs and have beaten everybody a minimum of 13 times (as long as Chazz's underlings can't be unlocked),yet i didn't get King of games,and i am pretty sure it's because one of those events screws it up.

And no,i don't need to WAIT for those to happen,they are MISSED events,i was in Slifer Red for all of the second year,even as dropout boy in case it has something to do with my rank being to high and nada,Chumly sends me an Email about Gerard after each exam but he just doesn't show up,those events didn't occur for 3 in game years =.=

So what im saying is you should take it easy at first,don't rush things,mark those events and make them occur your first priority,staying with the minimum requirements for them to occur until those events show up and proceeding only after they do,avoid Obelisk until they occur.
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3 years ago#2
AJ McCannon's mom (in blue) : http://tinyurl.com/bs6heg7
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