Whatever happened to "GODHAND" from DOAX

#1googlerPosted 5/31/2009 11:21:21 PM
All this talk of it and how Itagaki and just a select few knew what it was so why hasn't he ever spilled his guts about it after the game has long since died off and especially since he's no longer @ Tecmo

#2masakiumaiPosted 6/1/2009 7:35:55 AM
its a hoax
#3GnatBPosted 6/1/2009 9:51:42 AM
Not sure if I'd call it a "hoax", but I rather suspect it was merely an advertising gimmick to make the game seem deeper than it is.

That, or it was that whole process, (which I no longer remember) by which you played as one girl, gave a second girl a couple of suits, then played as that second girl yourself, then possibly recieved those suits as gifts from the first girl.
#4tvcom2Posted 6/1/2009 1:39:30 PM
No no no, girl A (player) gives girl B (AI) a hated suit, if B trashed the same suit 3 times in a row, then play as B, and hope for A (AI) to give it to B (player).

It works (not all the times), but too painful to be called "Godhand", so it's a hoax and not a hoax...
#5masakiumaiPosted 6/2/2009 7:42:18 AM

that is the "forced gifting" method and in no way is related to what godhand was supposed to be
#6Olympus MonsPosted 6/2/2009 9:05:08 AM
They blew it the first time around....and the second time too IMO. I remember all the buzz around the god-hand and shortly after I thought it was just to boost sales. More game would have been a better reason to boost sales not tricky wording that weren't worth in substance, the press it got....Oh well.
#7tvcom2Posted 6/2/2009 11:11:43 AM
shortly after I thought it was just to boost sales. More game would have been a better reason to boost sales not tricky wording that weren't worth in substance, the press it got....Oh well.

I doubt it's intended to boost sales, I think it's an unfortunate combination of "lost in translation" (Japanese cultural tendency to make something simple and straightforward sounds obscure, deep and metaphysical), media worshiping Itakagi as a god, Itakagi enjoying the media attention, Itakagi being a little careless with his remarks, Itakagi enjoy watching his fans chasing their own tails, and Itakagi being Itakagi.

The Plan A/Plan B aka 3-suits or what I call the dumpster diving strategy is too deliberate not to be designed and programmed by hand. Itakagi must have decreed that a suit that's trashed fulfilling such and such conditions (say 3 trashings in a row) will be awarded in such and such way. I think it fits exactly Itakagi's personality to design such an unintuitive and painful suit-giving method and then play with wordings to lead reality-challenged fanboys on a wild goose chase.

And in DOAX2, didn't we hear a theory that every suit would be rejected no more than 10 times? It's the same underlying logic, minus the trashcan.
#8Olympus MonsPosted 6/3/2009 4:12:46 AM
Could be true TVcom.... I know about the lost and translation stuff first hand. My wife is Korean and often she hears things in what I said that were not really there, and I hear things in what she said etc.

At the time of the God Hand stuff I was hanging around Tecmos boards and there were some english speaking guys working for them, pushing the idea that there were these big, real secrets that had to be discovered (wink, wink). I was also there before the first one was released and the talk was big for a time about what a revolution it was going to be. I know that the media will just latch onto something just to make a good story. I also know about the controlled release of mis-information. When people started asking if this was all there was to the game, then it got the..."Its about relaxing" spin. Many times the spin, or issues around the spins, was more interesting than the game itself.

Mr Itagaki being Mr Itagaki (Manny being Manny for you red Soxs fans)....was part of this games problem all along. He did some things great, but equally the man made some very odd choices IMO. Too much power in only one place. Thats OK with a certain kind of mind behind the wheel. I never bought into his rock-star self image. Sadly its all water under the bridge now anyways.
#9shockfrostPosted 6/5/2009 11:06:25 AM
The GodHand was a secret connection to the Game "Dead or Alive 3" which allowed you to change the relationships between the girls by raising the percent use in Tag Battle. This enabled you to receive free gifts as early as day 1 and gift much more easily, even to difficult characters like Ayane.

See the board for DOAX to learn this final secret.
#10JockoPosted 6/6/2009 10:18:59 PM
^^^ Yep that's exactly what I always thought it was as well. I also seem to recall that it was supposed to be "good hand" (meaning you're giving someone a hand) but got mis-translated into "god hand".
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