Any way to save screenshots or photos in this game?

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7 years ago#1
Ive been playing Rumble Roses XX and it has a photo shoot mode where you can take pictures and still shots and such, can you do anything like that in this game, I know there are pole dances and stuff, but can you save stillshots or take photos?
7 years ago#2
Yes and one of the features of this game is that you can take pictures during any gravure shot.
7 years ago#3
Yes, but the only way to view them is in-game. There is no available export functionality, and AFAIK nobody has ever figured out the format to create their own export tool.
7 years ago#4
Use a digital camera.
7 years ago#5
The Nice Spike! girl figured out a way, before her site was tragically taken down. It involved screen capturing software or hardware.
7 years ago#6
Well, yeah. You can naturally use a video capture device to take "photos" in any game. It's not exactly the same thing as simply going to your xbox and seeing them in the photos directory or w/e, or simply running a program on the already saved data to convert it to something standard.
7 years ago#7
I'm more interested in capturing full HD video off the box. Haven't seen any consumer device for that yet.
7 years ago#8
Blame the movie industry. Half the point of the HDMI format (and HDCP) is to prevent 100% accurate digital recording of the video. I'm not sure whether or not they succeeded, but I believe they were trying to even make it illegal to manufacture hardware that violates HDCP protocol.
7 years ago#9
And yes, some quick research shows that violating HDCP is, in fact, illegal. Sorta explains why you can't easily find any for sale.
7 years ago#10
Well I knew there's a law (DMCA?) to something of that effect. Personally I think it won't stand up to a serious (expensive) legal challenge. Of course there may not even a need for a full frontal challenge. Devices (e.g. CD/DVD drives, police radar, or a pencil(!)) that violate one law or another are available in very open fashion.

Anyway I was hoping for a capture device that takes component input which won't have the technical (and potentially legal) issues of DHCP.
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