Am I Doing This Right? (Double EXP Skill)

#1ChildOfTomorrowPosted 8/17/2010 1:22:08 AM
I can't seem to find this in the FAQs or on this board... But I've noticed that the Double EXP skill isn't doubling any of my characters EXP... unless of course, it is actually adding to everyone's experience? For example, I had Atsuma with Double EXP on and Raigar without the skill equipped. After every battle, they always had the same amount of difference in EXP. I only noticed this because I was trying to make everyone's levels uneven instead of everyone leveling up in the same battle (to make it more interesting). I know the Double SP is working fine, but the EXP skill I'm not too sure about, just like being able to miss (which I'm sure is impossible).

Anyone have an answer to this? I will experiment some more to try and figure it out, but if someone already knows... that would help me out a lot, and probably others as well.
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#2LordHellmasterPosted 8/17/2010 10:15:40 AM
The skill only applies to the character with skill equipped. The battle summary reflects the base EXP amount from the battle you just fought, double EXP does not extend to everyone in your lineup. There have been games where if one person has a bonus XP skill, then only one person needs to set it because everyone benefits but EA is not one of them. The only skill that needs to be set to one person is Double TB and I usually set it to Atsuma since he can't leave the party and give everyone else either Double XP or Double SP. In the long run, doing things that way actually evens everything out since you have to rotate your other characters if their VP runs low.
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#3ChildOfTomorrow(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2010 7:16:49 PM
Thanks for the reply, but I still don't seem to be gaining extra experience with the EXP skill. I've been gaining roughly 13000 Exp in my recent battle outings. Before battle I would check my experience needed until the next level, but after it's still only 13000 points added, not 26000 in the menu. I still haven't fully tested why, but I will soon as I am right before the point of no return and want to attempt the Shrines next. I just don't want to be using a Support skill that doesn't even work.

I myself have only had Atsuma with the Double TB skill as well, since well, you would assume only one person would need that :) I appreciate the help though.
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#4ChildOfTomorrow(Topic Creator)Posted 8/25/2010 12:42:38 AM
I'm not sure if you're playing a different version or not because I've noticed that the EXP amount gained at the end of battle is not a base number (at least not for my 4 main characters). They all are receiving said amount on screen and all 4 of my characters have Double EXP on. In fact, the same goes for SP.

I just tested the Double skills and indeed, you only need one of each skill equipped for them to affect your party. Well, your current party anyways. I did not check EXP awarded towards reserved golems, though I would imagine it would stay the same as before. It's either that or the skills don't even work (or don't work as described ala "Sniper Shot") I did not test them with the skills completely turned off however.

To clarify, I had Atsuma with the TB skill on, Karin with the EXP skill on, and Yuki with the SP skill on. Raigar was there too but had nothing special on. Everyone received the same amounts of EXP and SP that was shown at the end of battle... I even tested the TB skill equipped on everyone simply because of what the skill states. But it was to no avail. Why would the developers do that to us? The skills do not seem to be complete in my eyes. It's false advertising as well saying a skill does something that it does not.

I do wish I would have known my test results before the end of the Holy Beast Shrine. Oh well, maybe next time when I pla... Oh yes, my version doesn't include a New Game+ mode. Sorry, I'm just a little aggravated right now from my findings :)