Monster Hunter Dos English Translation

#1MonsterHunterTEPosted 4/6/2009 11:29:14 AM
Check this out

I will be working on this more later on (mostly on weekends). There is no patch yet, but don't worry it will probably come out pretty soon, even though the translation itself is on a very early stage. I will make more videos that have a better quality when I have more time. I think it is a good game and it deserves to be translated. The only challenge I have is obtaining a savefile that has rare items. Visit my youtube channel for more details.
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I also want to thank iceburner for his guides. My translation would take much longer if I didn't have them. Especially Skills! Great Job man!
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A better quality video:
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Is that true? im waitin for this moment for a long time! last! an English version! :roll:

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Keep us updated.
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yes, it is coming... but it will take some time.... stay tuned for my first public release
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wll thus brings great joy to me and some friends that i know and play too the game, the only question is... our data will lost and start again? (it doesnt matter for me ITS IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!) or our data will work with this? (like what they did with front mission 5)
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"our data will lost and start again?"

No, you can use your old saves. you don't have to start over.
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All items translated

Read description for more detail
#10D4rKoV4Posted 4/12/2009 12:44:06 PM
o god!!!

hope you translated all items, weapons and armours :P
the video games are declinig...,,