Alright guys, what is up?

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4 years ago#1
Who here still lingers?
Last time I was here I posted about GunZ 2.
Think I was also gonna play again, but I sucked when I tried playing again.
That and everyone was K-Stylin', and everyone was better than me.
I remember being such a good BFer, but meh.
Enough about me, so is the gang still around, like cloud, cow, heo, and all the others that I can't remember off that bat.
I don't know anything about GunZ 2, literally just checked the website,, and it's not released yet.
Were we all gonna band together and play it, or have all gotten to old and moved on with our lives.
Seems like just yesterday I was a trouble causing teen, and shoot, now I'm almost 23 in a few days.
Yeah, remembering GunZ brings me back to a simpler time.
Still want to make the live action movie where I star as Novacaine and the story I wrote.
I'm just rambling, so whatever.
So tell me what's up, cuz I wanna play GunZ 2 with you guys.. whenever that is.
GT: Novacaine XZ | PSN: NovacaineXZ | SteamID: newDante
4 years ago#2
absolutely nothing

i remember your drawings
4 years ago#3
I remember your drawings as well. Also Senate has to be almost 30. I wonder where that guy is
Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.
4 years ago#4
o hi

gunz 2 probably gonna suck since maiet has a budget and is dumb
or you can do a wall run and run on the wall whilst shooting your enemy into the dark and deep beyond.
4 years ago#5
^and gunz success was based off of pure luck
4 years ago#6

gunz 2 will probably be terrible, but it's been such a long wait that it's worth trying if only to bash it

even the site is poorly made and completely dead, it's kind of sad
4 years ago#7
im still here just playing gunz 2
Fear Janus...
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  3. Alright guys, what is up?

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