Flyff 2 on development

#1Sol_ClydePosted 2/13/2012 12:34:03 PM

And no, this isn't fake.

Considering the current (new) head developer wants to "fix" the current Flyff, (Bring on your sarcastic posts about it) I'm guessing this Flyff 2 will be for Flyff 1 what the old RO 2 was for RO. Neither will replace the other. With that I'm hoping Flyff 2 doesn't offers the same experience as the first... by which I mean not containing the same flaws as the first >__>
#2Oni_KariudoPosted 2/13/2012 3:56:21 PM
That's Cool...

Then again, after spending a small portion of my life playing the first one, I doubt I'll be giving this one a go, unless it attempts to push the MMORPG genre forward in some way or another.
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#3Sol_Clyde(Topic Creator)Posted 2/13/2012 4:29:19 PM
I don't like the features of the current mainstream MMOs anyway.
I'm probably gonna check Flyff 2 if the beta is open for anyone as it's rumored to be...
#4Sol_Clyde(Topic Creator)Posted 2/14/2012 9:49:59 AM

I lost interest.

The character design went backwards. Playable characters look like they came from one of those starving countries.
#5JohnwaltPosted 2/17/2012 8:51:40 AM
But... I just got into flyff ._.

is this gonna be an update, or a completely different game? D:
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#6Oni_KariudoPosted 2/18/2012 12:49:11 PM
It's going to be a totally different game.

It's not like they could have done anything else with it other than add levels and new mobs. Besides, the way the game's mechanics are prevents it from doing anything else recent MMOs implemented:

- The 'threat system' would cost way too much to put in. Not to mention, the game's mechanics would make the threat system really hard to implement in the first place anyways.

- The stiff movement/target system that removes any sort of tactical movement in the game.

- One-hit KO moves. You can't fix them without affecting/pissing off the player base.

- Bad lag even with the best rigs the world has to offer

- A really bad pay-to-win system.

- Etc.

With that in mind, I can see why they're making a second game. It needed to be updated. Personally, I'd wait until the second one if you really want to sate your 'FlyFF' craving.
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