Breath of Fire - Princess of Wings manga being translated ... among others

#1_chaotikz_Posted 6/13/2012 11:21:51 AM
After the awesome work they did on Breath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi, the users at Dragon-Tear are working on the next manga based on BOF1, Breath of Fire - Tsubasa no Oujo (or "Princess of Wings"):

... while the Breath of Fire series are being forgotten by Capcom, it's still great to see fans like these, uh? Be sure to give them your support.

Here's the various BOF manga translations status so far:

Breath of Fire - Ryuu no Senshi - COMPLETE
Breath of Fire - Tsubasa no Oujo - ONGOING
Breath of Fire Part II: Chiisana Boukensha - LOOKING FOR RAWS
Utsurowazarumono - Breath of Fire IV - COMPLETE
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That's great. My favourite RPG series still lives on in the heart of other fans... I wonder about Capcom, though.
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