I screwed up a little..

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4 years ago#1
So, I just got to the part where I have to fight in the Contest of Champions, but I cant beat the first team I face... Team Patrio or something? The thing is, I'm not high leveled, all are at 13, and I never went to a master to teach me stuff.. So can I still go to a master now? And what is the best way to beat those guys?
4 years ago#2
Your free to leave the arena(but have to keep one party member behind as a hostage).
Grind a few levels,get your party equipped with the best weapons/armour you can buy.
Most old school rpg's can be beaten with a little grinding.
If you can get back to the tower where you got momo from get the ability called blitz,it is utterly broken and will decimate your foes all the way to the end of the game(what were they thinking lol!).
The ability will take half your hp but most random battles will end after one blitz anyway,put your strongest physical attacker on the point of your attack formation,equip as needed and say hello to fast random encounters :)
The wheel of time turns...
4 years ago#3
i'm at the contest as well, however i'm having a different issue

trying to learn frost strike from patrio and it seems ridiculous
i've has times where after 100+ turns i run out of vitamins without him using the skill a single time
on the occasions he does actually use it, he runs out of ap without me learning it
i've reset this same battle about 11 times now, and have had no luck whatsoever

is it really a skill worth bothering with?
4 years ago#4
You can learn the skill later on from bolt and armor random enemies so its not vital you get it now.
Your choice whether or not you want to put the effort in now to learn the skill and ou can use ap items on enemies if need be.
The wheel of time turns...
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