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I am Postal Dude! (Archived)PostalDudesHere44/22/2012
It's out on PC. (Archived)solaris3271/21/2012
I will be so upset if this never comes out (Archived)johnnystarr210/29/2011
Does anybody know... (Archived)kingmarkIII38/21/2011
running with scissors website is down for maitenence...... (Archived)BerialsGuard36/23/2011
Is there any word on the urination feature returning? (Archived)Ch3wy36/17/2011
Hope this comes out after Australia get an R18+ rating (Archived)MyFistUrFace46/9/2011
New grindhouse style trailer shown at E3 featuring Ron Jeremy (Archived)akuma63436/9/2011
never played postal 1 or 2, i really want this for 360 (Archived)SkaFrost8935/4/2011
Where is this game? (Archived)davetbeau34/5/2011
Game coming for 2011 (Archived)BerialsGuard111/10/2010
I just saw an underground horror movie with footage of a Postal 2 mod (Archived)akuma634111/4/2010
Release (Archived)anon525610/2/2010
So, you can vacuum up *** wads and use them against soccer moms. (Archived)Ken_pachi0128/31/2010
Hopefully they'll have something for E3... if anyone bothers to cover the game (Archived)akuma63416/14/2010
New short but informative interview. Load times, health system, gore, and more (Archived)akuma63444/1/2010
Postal III site + screens (Archived)alzine1243/12/2010
if you got one interview, what would you ask? (Archived)
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Hmmm so we can urinate again in this game and drive a Segway... (Archived)akuma63432/13/2010
So when does this game come out? (Archived)Crypto13842/13/2010
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