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User Info: comfie

7 years ago#1
please vote on who you think is the cutest creature in FInal Fantasy! <3

For example, you can vote for Coeurl, Yan, etc.

if you need a list of creatures, go to this link and click on the subcategories:

User Info: nova_pulse

7 years ago#2
Marlboros...they are adorable

User Info: ssk9716757

7 years ago#3
Nothing beats Moogles. - Motomu Toriyama's Final Fantasy XIII Development Journal

User Info: Master_Banatine

7 years ago#4
Tonberries. they look so harmless until they are right on top of you...
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User Info: Crits

7 years ago#5

Moogles. A Moogle was the logo of the N. American release of Final Fantasy VI. I believe this was a nod to their popularity here. Google image search 'Moogle cosplay'. You'll see it's pretty popular with babies, and cute females.

User Info: jellopy123

7 years ago#6
tarutarus. hands down. i just won this thread.

User Info: ultimagameboy

7 years ago#7
Moogles FTW, kupo!
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

7 years ago#8
the little sheep like creatures in 13.

User Info: GabranthXIII

7 years ago#9


User Info: LeadPipeCinche

7 years ago#10

whatever that transformer is called.
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