how do you defeat Odin

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6 years ago#1
odin is way too strong for me, no matter what i do he kill me before i can fill the gauge. how do u defeat him.
6 years ago#2
medic medic
6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
i did try medic but he kill the kid and me most of the time.
6 years ago#5
Make sure to equip Spark Rings. Activate Aegisol and Fortisol shrouds before walking over the bridge.

Use Dualcasting paradigm and just bring him down, occasionally healing with Double Dose.
6 years ago#6
Using the above, it took me 1 try.
6 years ago#7
Odin wasn't too bad for me personally. I beat him on the first try, but had some close calls throughout. Here's what I did:

Entered fight as Com/Med, no fortisol or aegisol. (Though these would surely help) Switched over to Rav/Rav and hammered him, switching to Rav/Med as necessary to heal and popping potions when I was cutting it a little too close. If Hope had Synergist at this point (I don't remember if he started with it or gained it by this point or whatever) I probably buffed before going on the offensive. Just make sure you Rav/Rav when you don't need healed and when he's doing the shield move, and Rav/Med when you do need healed, and you should be fine. Also, I never once used Med/Med during this fight.

Honestly, he really isn't that bad. You just need to be fast with your paradigm shifts and you should be fine. I did not have battle speed set on slow, by the way.
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6 years ago#8
"medic medic"

This reminds me of TF2 LawlXD

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6 years ago#9
I started with rav/syn and let hope cast protect and shell. Then switch to rav/med and when he did he shield move switch to rav/rav then back to rav/med rinse and repeat.
6 years ago#10
Dont get shot
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