Aster Protoflorian wtf how do you beat this?

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6 years ago#1
I use libra at the begging of the battle, then swtich over to synergist to get all the stuff hope has to give out then switch over to slash and burn to get him into the slow stagger then switch over to dual cast to try to even get him into staggered but by the time at a qauter left of the bar to get him to staggered i lose it all, been on this for almost 2 hours now and i cannot beat it. im about to give up
Scooby_WRX04 - PSN
6 years ago#2
and i cant turn my ps3 off b/c i dont want to start from where i was before since theres really no save spots before the boss
Scooby_WRX04 - PSN
6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
Libra instantly, since its elemental weaknesses shift. Then, switch to Med+Syn and get buffed by Hope. Use Com+Rav to try and get the chain gauge about a third of the way full, and then spam Rav+Rav to try and stagger it. Oh, and obviously, whenever a character hits yellow HP, switch to Com+Med until healed.

With the Launch ability, you'll do major damage while it is staggered, and it wont ever be able to touch you. And, if you want, Odin is a nice way to take off that last 1/4 health or so.
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6 years ago#5
Holy run-on-sentence, batman. You're right where I am. This boss fight is pretty tricky. Set this up:

Commando / Ravager
Commando / Medic
Commando / Synergist
Medic / Medic

At the start of the battle, switch to configuration three. After you've been buffed, change to the first configuration so that you can chain-up the enemy. Use configuration two to heal when the enemy is staggered- and use four when you're in real trouble.
6 years ago#6
Synergist is useless!

Jk its probably good but i beat this guy on my first try and never used synergist.

I basically just juggled between Com/Rav, Rav/Rav, and Com/Med increasing and maintaining its stagger meter, while occasionally healing (most likely after that area of effect move)

Easy ass boss, honestly.
- DouggyFresh
6 years ago#7
you really need to use medic medic for this boss, its way too hard to heal with just one healer.
6 years ago#8
"Easy ass boss, honestly."

Not to a lot of people, honestly. Maybe you're just that cool?
6 years ago#9
Boss annoyed me first time I fought him. Here's what I did:
1. Use that shroud thingy that gives you haste before the battle
2. Start off as Com/Rav and work up gauge
3. Use Libra to find it's weakness it's always changing so pay attention so you so t accidently heal it
4. Rav/rav until you break it then do some crazy damage to it
5. Rav/medic when he damages you with the spin attack
6. Use synergistic buffs when neccessary
It's been too long
6 years ago#10
Not really :(

He just really wasnt that hard....
- DouggyFresh
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