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6 years ago#1

I cannot beat him :( can anyone give me some advice. What HP should I have/ Strategies ect.

He is the 12th mission the giant cie'th

6 years ago#2

Hmmm guess the majority of people have not gotten this far looks like i'll have to farm CP then.

6 years ago#3
lol well i beat him on my first go, just now .......... but only with 3 stars, so there probably a better way, and what i was looking for .........

I used ......... light / snow / fang

and my set up was

rav / rav / com
com / rav / com
med / med / com

all my characters are roughly just over 3000 hit points

all the paradigm were full on level 3, except for snow's med which was on level 1

i used the first setup to keep hitting him and try to get him to stagger, whenever i got hit, i went to the 3rd option to heal everyone, plus fang keeps the chain going while everyones healing, and then kept switching between them until he was staggered

when staggered, i went to 2nd option, because light and fang on my players had good attack, and weapons were both on star. the main thing was, the move that hits him into the air, because once he's up there he couldnt attack, and i just pummled him !

I repeated 3 times and i finally killed him, it was a long process, but pretty much safe, wasnt in any danger of getting killed ..........

im gona give him another shot tomorow, and find a better way .............. give me a message if you still having trouble ............
6 years ago#4
ok heres the win for 5 star !!!! match was done in 2 minutes 19 seconds with 29 points per second and you get 10000 crystogen points

I had ......


PARADIGMS ........ all used on auto battle !!!! All on level 3, except for Sazh Med who's was on level 1 !


Well i used par 1 first, gave me speed up, shell, sheild, and faith, and gave the monster all the negative 4 effects, and at the same time light healed all the group !

Then went to par 2, which within seconds had him staggered ! when he was staggered i launched him so he couldnt attack, and pummled him with par 3 ! he was left with a quarter energy ! I used par 4 to restore everyone, then went back to number 2 to stagger and then finished him off with 3 ! :D

Real simple battle ! :) Hope this helped .....................

p.s royal armlet is the prize ............
6 years ago#5
3000 HP??

My Lightning and Hope are struggling to get to (over just over, in Light's case) 2000 HP. And this is with Mithril Bands.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Assuming control. This hurts you.
6 years ago#6
i spent about 3 - 4 hours training ! The thing i found was, when i use the drystals, swap between all the different types (med/rav etc .....) and try to obtain hp, str, and mag !

i made a board for good places to train, which helped a lot, which was ...........

it gets you strong very quickly !

So this monster was pretty much a breeze !!!!! Just put a little time in to stating up !

also, when you kill this monster, you open a pathway to a load of chocobs !!!! Im there at the moment, but havnt figured out how to grab one of these dudes, ive got a thread on that too, hopefully someone will figure it out soon, while i go around killing everyone for more exp, lol

chocobo thread .........
6 years ago#7
I haven't even gotten past the tunnel in Eden and my characters have 4k HP... what have you been doing with your CP?
6 years ago#8
Silver, I'm digging your topic. But one thing, 'Tricked Out Horo' is mentioning a pathway which should be able to net us HUGE CP. Did you find this place? If so, help us find it? I'm stuck at Geiseric as well.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Assuming control. This hurts you.
6 years ago#9
Hey cheese, nah to tell you the truth, i didnt really go looking for it, because by the time i had finished training at the place i was, (place with the munchkins) i was pretty much killing everyone with ease except for the king behamouths, which would take me about 3-4 minutes to kill and only give me 2 stars at best !

You could try to train where i did, it takes a bit of time, but its really easy and you got no danger of getting killed, and get a healthy ammount of cp, and once you level up you fly through 80% of the monsters in this huge area !

with the missions which are real hard, a great way to kill the monsters and just carry, which takes a little time and doesnt get you 5 stars, is to have a good MED / SYN / SAB ! it prepeare you for the rest of the fight when you use your best RAV's and COM's, and MAKE sure you have a commando with the launch unlocked, because launch always does great for me, when a boss type character is in the air, he cant do anything, and you can kill away !

but if this doesnt help you, ive finally got a chocobo, which you get when you do mission 14, and ill find out the area he was going on about .............. :D
6 years ago#10
Cheers, I appreciate it, I'm sure TC would as well.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Assuming control. This hurts you.
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