Gah! How do i cure Doom!?

#1JIM12306Posted 3/14/2010 7:22:53 PM
I am fighting the Final Boss and i finally got him down to about half of his HP.

But then suddenly a Doom Counter appeared over Lightning's head and she's my Leader!

Damn it all....

Is there any way to cure Doom? Cause this really bites...

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#2TheKyubiPosted 3/14/2010 7:23:44 PM
You can't.
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#3DarcKagePosted 3/14/2010 7:23:45 PM
Nope. It just means, like the previous Barthandelus battles, that you're taking too long to kill him if he casts Doom on you.

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#4penguin_knightPosted 3/14/2010 7:23:53 PM
No, no way to cure it. You'd just have to end the battler faster.

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#5Sir_CloudPosted 3/14/2010 7:24:46 PM
I'm near that, beat Barthandelus, then got Organ to 300K/6.6M HP, I had high death resistant on my party leader and he decides to go for Lightning, game over xD.
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#6KuraiMrStrifePosted 3/14/2010 7:25:02 PM
lol @ this.
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#7MalurthPosted 3/14/2010 7:25:31 PM
I've heard that if you die while you have a summon out, it will revive you and you can keep on truckin', but I haven't tried it myself.

You could give it a shot, though.
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#8annonymous2k6Posted 3/14/2010 7:26:39 PM
yeh summons do revive u, idk if it works with doom though
#9kingfencerPosted 3/14/2010 7:27:37 PM
raise the chain fast, i died like twice trying to debuff him
#10TheKyubiPosted 3/14/2010 7:29:32 PM
How come Barthandelus didn't cast Doom on me when I fought him??
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