Total experience needed to fully upgrade each weapon?

#1MeteoritesPosted 3/15/2010 11:53:31 PM
Yeah, I'm trying to upgrade my weapons using the 3X multiplier, but I don't want to overshoot it. So I need the total experience needed for each weapon to be fully upgraded. Though somehow I doubt anyone will provide me with the answer, thanks in advance anyway.
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I can link you to a chart in Japanese for it...
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If you can read this, you don't need glasses.
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From: Hapkido | #002
I can link you to a chart in Japanese for it...

do eet
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Don't think that link shows the experience points. It only shows the levels. If I'm wrong though, please tell me.
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^^Thanks. I think I can figure the names out from there just with the base stats.
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I'm not totally sure but I think if you sort your inventory by character, the charts are in the same order as the inventory.