Best Weapons to Upgrade for Each Character/Role?

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6 years ago#1
So, I'm in Chapter 9, and I know that soon I'll get to use each character in their 3 "prime roles" (Chapter 11, right?).

Since Gil and good sellable items have been scarce, I've not been doing so hot on item enhancing. I do know people have said it becomes much easier in the later chapters, and Gil kinda starts flowing in.

My question is, for what I assume is each character's "prime role", which weapon is best to upgrade to their ultimate weapons? Correct me if I'm wrong on roles.

Lightning - RAV
Snow - SEN
Vanille - SAB
Hope - MED/RAV (?)
Sazh - SYN/RAV (?)
Fang - COM

I have a few weapons with added effects, like Break Maintenance, Improved Guard, etc. But I don't know what's best.
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6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3

Decide for yourself: Complete stats graph on all weapons at all upgrade levels including their special abilities.

6 years ago#4
I don't know what the heck half of those abilities do, like "Paper Tiger'. Hence why I was asking on here....
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6 years ago#5
that's sorta right..... basically, when you take into account their 3 major roles:

Light- great as both a Com and/or a Rav just depending on how you wanna set her up, with the ability to be a Med if things get tough

Snow- great Sent with his huge HP, but can easily go offensive with Com and, to a lesser extent and effectiveness, a Rav

Hope- with the highest Magic in the game, he's the best Rav. he also is great at buffing (mainly after he gets Haste) and healing, with Syn and Med respectively

Fang- great Sent, best Com thanks to having the highest attack, and can cast Slow and other useful debuffs as a sab

Vanille- good Rav and Med.... mainly a less extensive version version of Hope with trading Syn for Sab

Sazh- great Syn with the 1st to get Haste, ok Rav... and well, all his other stuff isn't so great >.<
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6 years ago#6
Press square in the equipment menu and you get a brief description of the ability.
6 years ago#7
Ok, people are missing the point.


I cannot see what equipment I haven't obtained, so I can't look up what the skill does on a piece of equipment I don't own.

The question about roles was answered. Now the question is, which weapon, for each character, offers the best ability scores (either passive abilities or raw stats) for their "main" roles?
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6 years ago#8

Go there. Pages 1 and 7.
6 years ago#9
the gil gets very easy. I walked into chapter 9 with 3,100 and left with about 150,000
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