Basskiid's Weapon Guide Version 2.0

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The thing with Sazh is that his base stats are soooo low, that even if you use his top-stat weapons like Rigels or Deneb Duellers...the other characters still have higher Str or Mag.

Basically, even with those weapons, he's not as good a Commando as Fang/Snow, and even Lightning, and not as good a Ravager as Hope/Vanille, so people should not even attempt to outdps them with Sazh.

Better to fully embrace Sazh's support role and choose the weapon that best exemplifies it. IMO, there's really only 3 choices: Procyons, Spica, and Antares. Antares is nice, especially since it has the synergy bonus for ATB speed increase, but I never really have much of a problem staggering enemies with Lionheart and the occasional random stagger. Spica is great because it extends the duration of the most useful and most used buffs. Procyons is amazing when you have heavy hitters like Fang in the group, or Hope with his Otshirvani (ATB increase upon hitting staggered targets).
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Also, Procyons is actually fine stat-wise for most of the game. It's only when it gets turned into its ultimate weapon form that for whatever reason, it stops scaling that well.

For example, a maxed t2 Procyons (Betelguese) is very similar to a maxed t2 Spica (Sirius), with their Str and Mag simply reversed.

However, once you upgrade to their final form, Total Eclipses, Procyons ends with only 620 Str and 414 Mag, while Spicas end with 713 Str, and 911 Mag. Don't know why Square decided to diminish Procyons' scaling later on, except that they realized how powerful 30% stagger duration was, and needed to nerf it.
I never made a mistake in my life. I thought I did once, but I was wrong.
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just wanted to say thanks for the guideee
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