difference between renew and raise?

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User Info: nothingtrue

7 years ago#1
which is better

User Info: Zzeke

7 years ago#2
Renew, except its a technique and requires TP.
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User Info: Rane757

7 years ago#3
renew is a technique like quake.. raise is used like any other spell.. you know.. cure n stuff
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User Info: Moonlightnite

7 years ago#4
depends if ur the only one left renew takes 1 tp point for revival. where raise is an abliitiy. so if time is an essence take the renew to reivive other 2 or just raise if 1 is dead
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User Info: Akazora

7 years ago#5
Renew is a group high value heal as well, great when you are in a fix, need a big heal fast, and don't want to summon to get rid of all buffs/debuffs. Raise as an ability doesn't raise with as much HP as phoenix downs do, and requires your leader to be a medic.

User Info: cloud2988

7 years ago#6
^^ your party members can still use raise though
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User Info: Akazora

7 years ago#7
They won't though, they will only cast raise if everybody is above 70%, that almost never happens if somebody got killed in the first place.
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  3. difference between renew and raise?

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