TP management while farming Adamantoise

#1AkazoraPosted 3/20/2010 12:27:37 PM
Thought it was worth noting for people who still have to summon to kill one...

Required items:

Synthesis Ability: Gestalt/TP boost - 4 pieces of Gestalt
Aka. Any of the Stagger lock weapons, speed sash, energy sash
speed sash + mnar stone = energy sash

Champion's badge: Eden, Siren park. You can back-track if you already past it

Fang: Punisher + Scarletite => Banescissors spear: Stagger: TP charge II. Found in Eden, or Gilgamesh shop if you sold it.


Fang : Banescissors spear, energy sash, speed sash x 3. You can use taming pole if you don't have the 4th accessory slot.

Vanille: Heavenly Axis, energy sash, speed sash x 2, sprint shoes.

Hope: Growth egg, catalogs, and champion's badge

Should only take two fights minus the adamantoise itself to get back to 3 TP when you stack everything together. I use the eden adamantoise: kill it, kill the two soldiers groups, save, reload.