how do I beat Hope's eidolon?

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User Info: ares04

7 years ago#1
Hope is so weak. that guy dies within 2 direct hits. does anyone have any tips?
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User Info: Soar_and_Key

7 years ago#2
Buff up, or try leveling up some more. But yeah, buff, try using a sent even. But I doubt sents will work.
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User Info: Glooscapz

7 years ago#3
Well if Hope is dying in two hits, you have some crystarium work to do.

But otherwise, equip hope with bangles and make sure your paradigms have a SEN in them.

User Info: Smelly_Goomba

7 years ago#4
Buff him up with Protect. The rest should be easy with Ravagers.
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User Info: SSJGrimReaper

7 years ago#5
SYN/MED/SEN to get protect up
RAV/RAV/COM when he isn't attacking
MED/MED/SEN after getting hit.
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User Info: phineasfool

7 years ago#6
I had Hope use some buffs and then had him switch to Rav while Fang did Com and Light was a Rav. Just switched Hope to Med when needed. Only took me 2 tries.
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  3. how do I beat Hope's eidolon?

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