Behemoth King - Defeated with low health - 2000hp

#1the_armchairPosted 3/21/2010 7:15:41 AM
I wanted to reply to the previous thread about the king, but it had been locked! if mods consider this post pointless, i dont mind! REALLY! :p - I had a team of Lightning, Vanille and Snow - all their health was around the 2,000hp mark (note: this was done by pre-emptive!)

str: 447 mag: 294
Equipment: Axis Blade Lv 11 - Brawlers Wrist Lv 8 - Royal Armlet Lv 5
Vanille: sr 221 mag: 344
Equipment: Belladonna Lv 3 - Magicians Mark Lv * - Lightning Charm Lv 1
str: 306 mag:192
Equipment: Paladin Lv 4 - Entite Ring Lv 1 - Gold Bangle Lv 1

have light & snow on com/rav and van on sab - until she debuffs the king, then all ravager (or com) - i cant guarantee success, but at least if your characters are at this level you have a chance :D
#2skeith1234Posted 3/21/2010 7:17:23 AM
and how much time did it take it still may not be worth it