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6 years ago#1
Syphax is supposed to be in the "Abandoned Dig" in Mah'habara. So I'm in Mah'habara and I cant find a path to get to Abandoned Dig....I see the mark on my map, but i dont see a way. Help anyone?

6 years ago#2
Have you taken a ride on Mr. Roly Poly yet? You need to jump across him on a broken bridge to a whole other area to make it to Syphax.
6 years ago#3

Go though the mines and ride Atmos or whatever you call that ball thing then ride it back it'll drop you off at a new part of the map.

6 years ago#4
Ride Atmos back from the white sandy area.
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6 years ago#5
Im in chapter 13, so i have access to that big transport thing (if thats what your talking about) But its no longer moving. I know the bridge you're talking about, but there is nothing to jump over/across.
6 years ago#6
6 years ago#7
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6 years ago#8
Enter the caverns area ,go to where Atmos is ( you will see it in the map ,read the legend in the map to know which it is),ride it will take you to the sandy area once you are in the sandy area ,ride Atmos again caverns back to the ,it will take you by itself to the broken bridge
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