i have yet to find final fantasy 13 yaoi fanfiction

#31DarksbanePosted 5/6/2010 7:46:07 PM
I've seen Cid/Rygdea, Snow/Hope, Marqui/Hope (which was actually a really good post game one) and even Cid/Hope. Haven't bothered reading Snow/Hope and the Cid/Hope one. >_>

Truth is, FFXIII is far better fodder for femslash. Even if you don't think that Fang/Vanille is true, it is far and away the most popular pairing in the fandom, followed by Light/Hope, then I think it's Fang/Light and Light/Snow. 'Farroncest' also seems to be popular, though it's not really my cup of tea.

The lack of popularity for Jihl-ships surprises me.

And finally we have Neopolitan, which is the lulzy name for the Fang/Vanille/Light ship.

But yeah, I suspect that VSXIII will be far more yaoi inclined.
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Yeah, not all fan fictions out there are bad. There are a few high quality fan fics over at fanfiction.net. If you really find those with romance and sex disgusting, there are fics that don't really focus on stuff like that. Parody? :) There's one ongoing fic over there called Nuisances and it's hilarious. 26 chapters so far and I'm really enjoying it.

So far I've seen one fic of Sazh x Light. Now I find that funny and no, I didn't bother reading it, lol.

Other interesting Yuri pairings include Light x Lebrau. :p
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I really do think that Fang like-likes Vanille, but that Vanille doesn't feel the same way about her. Unrequited love (because Vanille's probably straight), simple as that. Fang seems unusually passionate about Vanille, and Fang was originally meant to be male, so..
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Let's start writing one right now, collaboratively! I'll start.

It's a hot summer day on Pulse. Lightning and Hope are bored and hanging out at the pond.
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XIII. Fabula Nova Crystallis. It has been 4,000 years since the Nothing descended upon us. Like a dark wind, we cold not see it, but we could hear the screams it squeezed from our people. The nations of Novus banded together one last time to banish it from our world, but the tenuous pact of the Nine could not last forever. As plague took our world, New Rome became the last bastion of a Flawless, and a black spot on the pages of our history--a spot not burned, but bled. Children of Hallowed Pulse scour earth, searching substance for the Door. Those of Fell Lindzei harvest souls, combing ether for the same. So I

have seen. The Door, once shut, was locked away, with despair its secret key; sacrifice, the one hope of seeing it unsealed. When the twilight of the gods at least descends upon this world, what emerges from the unseeable expanse beyond that Door will be but music, and that devoid of words: the lamentations of the Goddess Etro, as She sobs Her song of grief. -- Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, Scale of the Senate
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I've seen Cid/Rygdea, Snow/Hope, Marqui/Hope (which was actually a really good post game one) and even Cid/Hope. Haven't bothered reading Snow/Hope and the Cid/Hope one. >_>

O_o at Cid/Hope. I wonder if there`s any Hope/Sazh out there, seems to be the only thing missing.

Speaking of Hope/Maqui, I still can`t wrap my head around Maqui being 17. People are always going on about SERRRAHH!! looking too young for her age, but Maqui is even worse. I was sure he was even younger than Hope...
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It's Versus XIII that's going to cause an implosion in the Yaoi-sphere...

U-DO is coming...
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Even if you don't think that Fang/Vanille is true, it is far and away the most popular pairing in the fandom...............The lack of popularity for Jihl-ships surprises me.

Err... No. Everyone! talks about if they are gay or not to no end, weather they cared about them or not. (Not suprizing too seeing how much screen-time they got together in the last couple of chapters of the game & the content of the scenes.) But it isn't the most popular. LightXHope is by quite a bit in both Fanfic/Fanart. In japan and the west. Which is also no surprise.

Jihl got hardly any screen time at all. Plus Nobody cares about her now since the game is out and people have played it. And saw how little impact her character has. At first people go by Character designs and trying to pair up the main char. But once people play the whole game things change. If she had some awesome moment or more interaction with the group and not seems like a flat character, then she would of had a alot more fans.

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Same here TC.

From: WolfeyesVIII | #004
Strange, did a quick look at the FFXIII section of Fanfiction.net (ugh, I feel tainted....) and I see lots and lots of Snow/Hope fanfiction >_>.

Not good ones.
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i meant porn fanfiction.
adultfanfiction doesnt allow nc-17 rated stories and the few i have found all feature hope and the fact that he looks like an 8 year old girl creeps me out.

Topics like this make me want to stop playing video games.
Stop projecting your (final) fantasies on others.
None of the characters are blatantly homosexual, fanfiction sucks (fact), and you need to go away.

then stop playing video games
im not projecting my fantasies on characters as i do know they are all heterosexual and i dont try and claim otherwise. its no different then the people who enjoy looking at porn of lightning and fang going at it.
of course the people arent homosexual but snow
and yes fanfiction does suck 98% of the time but the 2% that dont are well worth the wait. and so long as there is a sex scene i honestly dont care how well written it is so long as i can still use it as pornography.
but you are the one who chose to to come into this topic and post a reply so the responsibility of leaving falls on you, not on me
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