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5 years ago#1
Finally, after several hours of research and development I have devised the following quiz to help you determine which Final Fantasy Character you are. I alloted each character two primary personality traits for ease of calculation and developed a head hurting equation to help you with your final result.

Note- for greater ease I avoided gender distinction.

So, simply answer the following questions truthfully. Each answer is lettered A-D and each letter has a point value in ( ) next to it. Add the appropriate values together to recieve your final number which you can then use to find your Final Fantasy counterpart from a list I shall provide. Also, this is jusr fun, so ease up and enjoy!

1. When meeting new people you...
A(1) Withdraw and say little. Maybe shake hands.
B(9) Break the ice with a joke
C(8) Introduce yourself respectfully
D(10) Start asking personal questions

(damn ps3 wont give me much room)......
5 years ago#2
B) break ice with a joke. i'll probably end being Ramza lol.
5 years ago#3
C(8) Introduce yourself respectfully
5 years ago#4

A. since I'm super shy.

5 years ago#5
2. Faced with a defeatable yet powerful foe you...
A(2) Rush in headlong with your battlecry
B(6) Calcuylate your strategy and then charge in
C(7) Avoid the enemy entirely
D(8) Way the pros and cons before making a descision

3. When struck with an idea, you...
A(3) Immedsiately attempt toi materialize the idea on your own and without hesitation
B(7) Think it through and work out the kinks
C(5) Keep it to yourself
D(8) Gather together your party to discuss it fully

4. A man sets fire to your home, you...
A(3) Seek quick, and immediate vengeance
B(4) Calculate a plan of revenge
C(11) Retain your anger over time and let it boil
D(6) Just start rebuilding

5. Your friend tells you a joke, you...
A(5) Are last to laugh
B(3) Laugh uncontrollably (It was really funny)
C(1) Ignore his playful antics (jokes arent funny at all)
D(9) Retort with a joke of your own

more yet to come, hopefully asap if my crappy connection lets me....
5 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
5 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
5 years ago#8
I'm looking forward to this, but are supposed not to post until you complete the questionaires? I'm thinking you're missing ''Do not post until I say so'' tag.
5 years ago#9
(Thanks guys, I appreciate your respect for letting me finish this before posting...)

6. Your better half is being mugged and you may die trying to save them, you....
A(6) Save them anyways
B(5) Run away
C(2) Offer yourself in trade
D(7) Try to talk you both out of harms way

7. You have a chance to go clubbing, or study for an exam. You...
A(7) Stay hom,e and study
B(5) Go clubbing
C(3) Try to cram in both (resulting in a C rather than an A on the exam)
D(11) Wallow over not being able to do both (accomplishing neither)

8. You want to do a particular project but it is difficult, you...
A(8) Force yourself to finish
B(7) Try to finish but get bored and quit
C(11) Don't even attempt it
D(10) Try to get others to help you

9. A girl is in your romm, you...
A(9) Woo her slowly
B(2) Casual talk, dinner plans
C(3) Attempt immediate bedroom gymnastics
D(5) Ignore her because your playing Final Fantasy

(I hate the ps3 now, only 3 more questions....)
5 years ago#10
Echa_one, I had hoped people were smarter than that

10. A friend shares a secret, you...
A(11) Tell everyone
B(1) Keep it to yourself
C(5) Tell one or two people (what can it hurt?)
D(10) Get all the juicy details to tell everyone later

11. Your better half dumps you, you...
A(6) Cry until the pain goes away
B(4) Wallow for the next several months but never really get over it
C(8) Try to get them back
D(5) Beg them not to leave you from the start

12. If asked to drop what your doing to help someone out, you...
A(6) Immediately go help
B(4) Offer to help them once your finished
C(11) Tell them "no"
D(8) Ask them to help you finish quicker and then you will help them

okay, that is the quiz, and I apologize for the breaks in between my postings due to the juveniles. Hopefully you will enjoy this none-the-less, and remember, itys just for fun. I will list the names and there corresponding numerals next, then you can post which character you are....
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