THANK YOU Tri-Disaster Paradigm

#1JanodusPosted 3/16/2011 3:58:48 PM
Hello all.

I remember starting the game for the first time and trying to get enemies into stagger as soon as humanly possible and having the bright idea to do the Tri-Disaster (rav/rav/rav) paradigm in the start of the game.

I realized quickly enough that this was complete fail because the bar depleted WAY too fast, and the bar would be completely empty before I even got to the next round of attacks.

I was having a horrible time beating the boss in Taijin's Tower when I said "why not... might as well see".

That's when I had the horrible epitome that Tri-Disaster was purposefully limited to your ATB bars in the very beginning of the game, but when you get much more for all of your mombers--- then Tri-Disaster is the goto.

The bar doesn't drop so quickly after the 5th hit!

I wish I would have actually looked around the forums or asked a few questions before I actually dismissed this amazing paradigm in the beginning of the game.

Just wanted to make a thread for this because I was ready to throw the game away on the tower's final boss.
#2RexRagnellPosted 3/16/2011 4:05:16 PM
Tri-Disaster is indeed a great way to stagger enemies with low chain bonus threshold like Dahaka, but against most marks and some bosses, Relentless Assault is usually better.
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#3fusespliffPosted 3/16/2011 4:10:26 PM
Tri-Disaster is indeed a great way to stagger enemies with low chain bonus threshold like Dahaka, but against most marks and some bosses, Relentless Assault is usually better.

I usually alternate between those 2. Tri-Disaster for a minute or so, followed by Relentless Assault to level the stagger bar and swtich back to Tri-Disaster untill stagger is achieved. Then I send out the commandos.
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#4Gaara_fanPosted 3/16/2011 6:31:37 PM
If you have haste, tri-disaster will work on pretty much any enemy, except the ones with a high chain resistance. If the bar is dropping, add one round of commando and switch back to tri-disaster. Just watch how quickly the bar will increase.
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#5CeruleanGamerPosted 3/16/2011 9:13:31 PM
If you don't have any commandos attacking before you stagger the enemy, the stagger gauge goes down pretty fast. Relentless Assault is still FTW. :P
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#6LewsTheDragonPosted 3/17/2011 12:41:17 AM
With Haste and 5 ATB bars, Tri-Disaster will work on anyone. That said, it's usually a good idea to use a Smart Bomb Paradigm first to stick Imperil, Deshell, and Deprotect before you hit up Tri-Disaster. Relentless Assault is sort of pointless since your Com won't be able to do really high damage yet, whereas Smart Bomb (Sab/Rav/Rav) will not only steady the Chain Gauge, but will also aid in Chaining as well as drastically increase your damage when you do pull out the Coms.
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#7KarateJonsPosted 3/17/2011 12:20:28 PM

The TC has merit. Even I noticed that multiple Ravagers at the beginning of the game were ineffective (could it have something to do with being limited to parties of two for most of the early chapters?) However, Tri-Disaster rocks at the mid-to-end game if you balance it with other Paradigms.

Instead of starting out with Tri-Disaster, you might try hitting them with Relentless Assault until the stagger bar slows, and then immediately start Tri-Disaster, and switch to Relentless Assault again just as they're about to hit the staggering threshold. I've had favorable results following this tactic.

But yeah, if all you do is Tri-Disaster from the beginning, the stagger bar will go down really fast, and when they're staggered, they won't be in stagger mode for that long because you only use Tri-Disaster to get them there.