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newbie question: how and where to farm gil in early game (Archived)beny_pimpster53/4 11:30AM
Is there a more badass theme than Snow's in the whole series? (Archived)BasedCrit93/4 5:31AM
Am i gay for having a crush towards Fang? (Archived)Nyancat4ever103/3 1:35PM
Lightning graduated from high school? Since when were there high schools in FF13 (Archived)slk_2392/28 7:57PM
Eden reminds me of... (Archived)Anthrenz52/27 8:23AM
Lightning's armpits look weird (Archived)xvi_revya12/26 7:49PM
Just got to chapter 11 (wth!!) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
VictoriqueFlake112/23 4:56PM
Question about a Point of No Return (Spoilers inside!!) (Archived)Oak_Tea62/22 8:05PM
Did lightning ever smile or laugh? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Cliche1234232/22 3:52PM
Around how much playtime do I have left? (Archived)methroomface82/21 5:45PM
How many times do saber's edge play during boss battles? (Archived)Cliche123422/21 5:06PM
Just started playing this game today (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
masumane2202/19 4:27AM
Just reached chapter 7 - game review (Archived)vamoflamenco52/18 5:12PM
Are there monsters here that aren't mechas? (Archived)Cliche123452/17 11:21AM
Well that was a lot easier than I remember it being... (Archived)DeaMaxwell42/17 6:08AM
really annoying paradigram shifting (Archived)MaryJHappy72/17 5:22AM
Need Chapter 10 save please or 9. (5th ARK) (Archived)Deamondreado42/17 4:02AM
Is this game really 50 hours long? (Archived)VictoriqueFlake82/17 3:13AM
Long gui not appearing? (Archived)gerkkid32/16 11:13PM
Hayahyah (Archived)MaryJHappy12/16 4:14PM
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