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StickyTOPIC FAQ II --> for ALL your questions!! (Included ALL updated FAQs!) (Sticky)
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This board may be dead but how do you get good third weapons? (Archived)Themaxednoob36/13 11:46PM
Destiny Mode: Best 'Total Skill Points'? (Archived)Behrz35/18 10:09PM
Is any one still playing DYNASTY WARRIORS 5: XTREME LEGENDS? (Archived)Captain_SouD112/13 2:52PM
Sun Jian.. (Archived)Ogamiama16/18/2014
which mode is your favorite???? (Archived)jjgg12318/30/2013
do you keep the stats gained from xtreme mode? (Archived)tehdud17/21/2013
Codebreaker for Fast Run & Jump High (Archived)khargnihce27/18/2013
How do I betray? (Archived)jaigo216/6/2013
anyone else still play this game? (Archived)grandcalabash24/28/2013
does this game already contain what's on dw5???? (Archived)jjgg123210/6/2012
This game will never be dead. (Archived)I_hAtE_mOnStErS103/22/2012
Zhang Fei's 4th weapon requirements (Archived)KFCrispy13/18/2012
destiny mode (Archived)megimi211/18/2011
Help on game (Archived)TheShadowLordz110/26/2011
Grand Armor/Maiden Armor ... can't get enough points for all it demands. (Archived)MonarchPaulos19/17/2011
Destiny Mode is rigged beyond belief.......... (Archived)MonarchPaulos39/15/2011
Getting EDITTED chars best weapons in this game? *Other than Nu Wa/Fu Xi?* (Archived)MonarchPaulos29/14/2011
question (Archived)pikapika21239/12/2011
This board is dead already? (Archived)I_hAtE_mOnStErS28/18/2011
Hmm.. Can Anyone Answer My Stupid Question? (Archived)Slackassss68/13/2011
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