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5 years ago#1
This is the first game I have played any JA. Being a big fan of Xcom, this game is like a dream come true.

Absolutely love the combat system, turn-based in combat, and real-time otherwise.

Once I understood the basic of controls, I cannot put this game down!

I do wish there were accuracy percentages while aiming.

I'm playing normal, got five sectors so far and it's been rather easy.

Ivan is a killing machine!

I wish this game sell good enough to get us more JA release.
5 years ago#2
I played another day, and it was much tougher, having kept Hector and Beth behind to train. With only four in the team, Ivan and Snake are the only ones that can shoot well. Elio is okay for moving into critically injured enemy to deliver the final bullet. The last member is Speck, using him mainly for unlocking doors, and as bait.

I'd move Speck noisily into the trees, when enemy start shooting, I'd then move Ivan and Snake to flank. Poor Speck. :)

With the four guys and no doctors, I took another two sectors. It was a tough fight, Speck and Snake came very close to death, but all made it be alive. It was a fun day indeed.

Not knowing anything about guns, I now think it could be wrong to have given Ivan the 9mm. Ivan is starting to miss his target when Snake get them every time with his .45.

I'm thinking to hire one more doctor and an expert on explosives - having seen crates that I cannot open right now. Larry Roachburn seems to fit the need, and he is very cheap! But he does look a little out of it... at the end I decided not to hire more people yet, as funds are tight and the $800 heli ride is too much for me right now -- I didn't figure out I had to manage the tree workers to earn income until the fourth day...

All in all, still LOVE this game...
5 years ago#3
I'm on day 9 now.

Still the same team, haven't hired any more yet.

I've started to use Beth and even Speck for laying in a few "precise shots", and Elio is rather good at it at times.

Took the lab back with relative ease but rather had the toughest fight yet taking the second factory, I don't want to spoil the surprise but I was lucky to take that sector with everyone alive.

Moving now on to the top left of the map, found many silencers and my first crowbar! The best ones to use the crowbar has been Beth and Ivan. Now I have to go back and open all those that were "nailed too tight"...
5 years ago#4
I had to redo day 9.

I took a few of the upper right sectors but then, just before the end of the day, I'd get an attack on the lab, and even though I have full stock of guards there, I still lose the sector.

So I have decided to redo day 9.

I took all the adjacent sectors and it seems to have done it, no more attacks on the lab, at least for day 9.

I'm planning to hire a couple more people soon...
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