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9 years ago#1
How the hell do you go about setting up this finisher? I've tried laying my opponent out a hundred time but he always gets up when RVD is in mid-air :/
9 years ago#2
hit him with a harder attack
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9 years ago#3
The following moves will be of great help because of their long selling animations:

Undertaker's running DDT
HHH Spinebuster
Goldberg's spear

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9 years ago#4
I changed one of RVD's finishers to rolling thunder, then after that i hit with the 5 star. I've never missed since that change.
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9 years ago#5
Taken from another topic:

Whip them into an exposed turnbuckle, then run at them and press square, you should climb the top rope and they should fall into the middle of the ring. *Note: DO not strong Irish whip them*
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9 years ago#6
Having them in red will also help.
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9 years ago#7
If you bust them open they stay down for a while. Chair finishers are also good.
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