I was bored, so I made a small tournament type thingy...

#1wickedclown9470Posted 1/27/2008 3:44:46 PM
*All matches involved the A.I. only*

It started with a 30-man Royal Rumble. Winner: Greez-E (caw)

Then, No Way Out. I put Greez-E in 5 matches for his title shot. Must win 3.
G-E vs 'Taker w/ Eddie Guerrero
G-E vs Eddie w/ Batista
G-E vs Batista w/ HBK
G-E vs HBK w/ Christian
G-E vs Christian w/ 'Taker

G-E vs Blaze Ya Dead Homie (c)
After the epic matches, Greez-E is WWE Champion.
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