Create a PPV What would be your Match card that would make a perfect ppv

#1danzy678Posted 7/11/2010 6:28:38 PM
Hey guys so basically tell me what your ultimate match card. So you can have any amount of matches you want i will tell you mine.

1.wwe tag team championship match

The Bashams v.s. Rey Mysterio and Eddie Gurerro

2. United States Championship match

Orlando Jordan v.s. Chris Benoit

3. Singles Match

Edge v.s. Randy Orton

4. Tag team elimination match

Brothers of Destruction v.s. DX

5. World Heavyweight championship match( Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match)

Batista v.s. John Cena v.s. J.B.L. v.s. The Big Show

So that is my ppv card that i would like to see i would be interested in playing your guy's ppv's so please tell me them :)
#2MrSVR06Posted 7/14/2010 12:58:22 PM
The best PPV I ever did would probably be my "08 Out With a Bang" card I did 2 years ago. Had mostly caws so I don't see a point in posting the card lol
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