The mysterious Voice Chat Lobby

#1gearratioPosted 6/20/2011 9:25:19 PM
Anybody who's played this game online the past year (probably 1 or 2 of you guys here) may have noticed something strange.

For some reason, after a match in the Main Event lobby, when you return to the lobby, you end up in a "Voice Chat Lobby". It is inaccessible through any of the online menu options, yet you somehow end up here after a match. The only striking difference about it is that when you create a match, ALL options are available to choose. For example, in a Singles lobby, only the singles match option is selectable. In tag lobby, only tag match option is selectable. And main event lobby, you can't choose singles match or tag match (but you can make various tornado tag stipulations for MAIN EVENT matches). In the Voice Chat lobby, it's all selectable.

Does anybody know what the hell this lobby is? Is it a scrap that is somehow accessible by a glitch? Is it a menu option that only appears if you have a headset and mic?
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